Dear Clients, Shareholders and Colleagues,


2017 marks the 20th year of BHF Banks operation and existence and I am well pleased to report our progress for the year. We continued to serve and provide financial assistance and services to the Pangasinenses and the people of neighbouring provinces especially those engaged in budding businesses and those in the sector of agriculture.

BHF bank is actively operating the province of Pangasinan and La Union with it 7 Branches. In lending, the Bank still sees the SME, Housing and Agricultural Loans as its main drivers for growth and revenue.

We continued to reach our goals and progress while we ensure that the Bank as a whole operates and practices safe and sound operation.

BHF Bank is focused on continuing its best practices and offer products and services that best fit its customer base.

Lastly, I would like to recognize all officers, staffs and all employees of BHF Bank for their role in the Bank’s progress. Your dedication truly helped the Bank reach new heights. I also want to recognize and thank all clients for choosing and trusting BHF Bank as partner. It is our honor to serve you and be your fast and easy way to progress.


Yours truly,





(In Thousand Pesos)


Total Net Interest Income 56,826 52,357
Total Non-interest Income 30,305 18,021
Total Non-interest Expenses 55,706 55,407
Pre-provision Profit 22,850 15,535
Allowance for Credit Losses 1,204 7,978
Net Income 21,646 7,557
Selected Balance Sheet Data
Liquid Assets 79,635 61,038
Gross Loans 424,859 387,489
Total Assets 658,115 596,920
Deposits 225,453 221,678
Total Equity 298,423 276,238
Selected Ratios
Return on Equity 10.55% 5.27%
Return on Assets 3.29% 1.27%
Capital Adequacy Ratio 39.78% 36.87%
Per Common Share Data
Net Income per Share: 135.29 64.53
Book Value 1,865.14 2,358.75
Cash Dividends Declared 0 0
Headcount 74 77
   Officers 33 36
   Staff 41 41






The Bank’s financial performance demonstrated resiliency amid the very challenging banking business environment. The Bank generated a Net Profit of P30.95 Million – more than double of the Net Profit realized from 2016. Increase in profit was driven by the aggressive disposal of Real and Other Properties Acquired thereby increasing Total Non-interest Income by 68.17% and recovery from credit losses.

Loan Portfolio increased by 9.6% to P424.86 Million while Deposit increased by 1.7% to P225.45 Million.

Total equity expanded by 8.03% to P298.42 Million. Past Due Ratio stands at 9%.




The Bank’s total loan portfolio is at P424.86 Million, up by 9.6% from the previous year.  Small-Medium Enterprises Loan consist the largest part of the pie with 27%, followed by Agri-Agra Loan and Housing Loan with shares of 23% and 20%, respectively.

The bank still sees the above three loan product classification as the driver for growth for the Bank in the foreseeable future. Past Due Ratio stands at 9%, still better than the industry average.




The Bank experienced satisfactory liquidity mainly as a result of collections of loans and sale of ROPA. The Bank has slowed down in deposit taking as there is a favourable liquidity gap of P132.33 Million, a 27% liquidity level which is way higher than the set liquidity level standard of 20% by the Bank. As a result, the Bank only posted an increase of 1.7% from P221.68 Million to P225.45 Million.




The Bank declared stock dividends and issued all its remaining available common shares. Increase in total capital is mainly due to the favourable results of operations for the year.




The Bank’s CAR stands at 39.78%, way above the industry standard. The Bank’s CAR further provides substantiation to the stability of the company and its commitment to protect the Bank’s depositors, lenders and stakeholders.

The Bank’s CAR increased by 2.91 percentage points or 7.89% increase from the previous year’s CAR.




Total interest income slipped by 6.0%. Significant increase in Revenue and Net Profit is directly attributed to the gains realized from sale of Assets (ROPA) with a year-on-year increase of P11.23 Million or grew three times the previous year’s gain. Recent initiatives of the Bank includes aggressive sale of ROPA. The Bank was able to sell ROPA with Net Book Value of P11.4 Million. While there is a significant contribution of the gains from sale of ROPA, the Bank still gets the bulk of its income from its core operation which is lending. The Bank has generated P56.8 Million Net Interest Income with 13.3% Earning Assets Yield, a better figure against industry average of 11.4%. Without the gains on sale of ROPA, the Bank would still present a Return on Assets and Return on Equity of 1.84% and 4.05% against industry average of 1.77% and 9.23%, respectively.

The Bank has continuously strengthened collection performance. The Bank has made necessary personnel adjustments and strategies to attain satisfactory collection performance. While an additional provision for credit losses was posted in 2016, the Bank was able to post significant recoveries on credit losses.




Under existing rules and regulations, the Bank’s Risk Management System is supervised by the Board of Directors through the President and the Chief Operating Officer of the Bank. The Bank acknowledges that the business entails different risks and a risk management and risk mitigation is necessary to sustain long-term success. The Bank has improved its ranks and hired services of competent professionals as advisers. Through the years, the Bank has ensured effective risk management by ensuring that necessary measures and internal controls are in place and complied by all people in the Bank.

The Bank’s risk management is based on what the Bank is willing to bear for a given benefit. The Bank’s corporate/corporate governance structure is in line with the risks the Bank faces and will be facing for the foreseeable future. Senior Officer and Department Heads are designated as risk officers of their respective units and shall report to the President all risk related matters on a timely manner.  The following are the Unit Heads designated as risk officers of their Department:


Rufino Mar T. Gumayagay, COO

(and Branch Heads)                                                 – Branches

Jemelle E. Gregorio, Credit Head                         – Credit

Ma. Cristina M. Guarin, Accounting Head         – Accounting

Rowena F. Estrada, HRD Head                             – HR Head

Crisostomo V. Prado, RMU Head                         – Remedial

Jose M. Maer, AMO                                                 – ROPA

Ranjo B. Robosa, MIS Head                                   – MIS/IT


The Internal Audit and the Compliance Office continuously assess the effectiveness and compliance with the policies, procedures and controls set under the Risk Management System of the Bank.

The Compliance Officer shall likewise act as the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Officer of the Bank. The Bank has implemented and enhanced KYC procedures and customer due diligence which include standardizing Client Risk Rating and customer due diligence requirements.



BHF Bank is committed to ensuring that the institution complies with regulatory provisions and practices safe and sound banking which is necessary in achieving the Bank’s goals and objectives.

With good governance, the bank shall be able to raise investor confidence, achieve high sustained growth, and maximize the value of the company to its shareholders.

The Board of Directors, Senior Management of BHF Bank down to the staffs adhere to the highest standards, principles and practices of good governance. It hails from the regime of adhering to the Fairness, Accountability and Transparency in the conduct of its business, dealing fairly with clients, investors and stakeholders as well as the general public it serves. To achieve good governance, the Bank enforces compliance culture and discipline and self assessment in its policies, processes and procedures.







The Board of Directors carries the responsibility of ensuring that good governance principles are carried out throughout the Bank. The Board of Directors of the Bank is responsible in fostering the long-term success of the Bank by satisfying its clients’ needs while upholding its reputation.

The main mandate of the Board is to implement strategic plans of the Bank, risk management strategies and good governance strategies. The Board is likewise responsible in strategizing the corporate structure of the Bank, developing and implementing plan of succession, approving major strategies and policies and overseeing all major risk-taking activities.

The Board continuously and periodically reviews practices, policies and procedures by the Bank.

The Bank’s Board of Directors is currently composed of eleven (11) directors with a balance of skills, knowledge and experience among its members to perform their decision-making responsibilities. All members are at least with bachelor’s degree – most are in the fields of Commerce.

The members of the Board are elected by the stockholders during annual stockholders meeting with each member holding an office for one year. Each member of the Board is subject to the qualifications set by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and other existing laws and regulations of the land. Independent Directors are non-executive directors and are independent of Management.




Name Type No. of shares Percentage
Armando B. Bonifacio, M.D. Executive 22,857 14.286%
Remigio B. Bonifacio, Jr. Executive 22,854 14.284%
Aurora B. Bonifacio Executive 11 00.007%
Rosemarie B. Bonifacio Non-Executive 22,854 14.284%
Daisy B. Araneta Non-Executive 22,854 14.284%
Emelda B. Mendoza Non-Executive 22,854 14.284%
Cherie B. Estrada Executive 22,854 14.284%
Reynaldo B. Bonifacio Non-Executive 22,854 14.284%
Rodylin C. Antipuesto Independent 2 00.001%
Laurence C. Tueres Independent 2 00.001%
Florentino Felix M. Cuison, Jr. Independent 2 00.001%



Chairman and President

Filipino, 50 years old

Dr. Armando B. Bonifacio was re-elected as Chairman of the Board last July 2017. He was a member of the Board since the inception of the Bank in 1997 and has been the most active member of the Board being the Chairman and the President since 2006. He has more than 20 years of banking experience and is also currently a stockholder of BHF Pawnshop, BHF Corporation and the BHF Family Plaza, Inc. He attended various seminars on rural banking, corporate governance and anti-money laundering.

Dr. Bonifacio is a graduate of B.S. Medical Technology (1988) and Doctor of Medicine (1992).



Director, Special Assistant to the President

Filipino, 80 years old

Ms. Aurora B. Bonifacio is a native of Pampanga. She initiated the founding of the Bank. She earned her degree in Commerce Management from the Far Eastern University. She’s been a very active member of the Board since the birth of the Bank and currently the Special Assistant to the President (SAP). She has a wide knowledge in businesses backed up by decades of experience in business administration and management in top executive level. She has been into retail and merchandizing, real estate, banking, mall operations, pawnshops and others.




Filipino, 47 years old

Mr. Remigio B. Bonifacio, Jr. has been a member of the Board since the inception of the Bank. He is a graduate of B.S. Business Administration from Luzon Colleges. Prior to joining the BHF Bank in 1997, he has been a Director of the BHF Corporation in 1995 and holds the position up to the present. Currently, he is also a Stockholder of BHF Pawnshop. He is a member of the Bank’s Credit Committee. He attended various seminars including corporate governance.




Filipino, 45 years old

Ms. Rosemarie B. Bonifacio has been a member of the Board since the inception of the Bank. She earned her Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from Asian Institute of Management. Currently, she is a Director of BHF Corporation and a Stockholder of BHF Pawnshop, Inc. She attended various seminars including corporate governance.




Filipino, 52 years old

Ms. Emelda B. Mendoza was elected as Director of the Bank which she held since 2008.  She currently has interests and holds other positions in other entities. She is a Consultant of BHF Pawnshop, Director of BHF Corporation, General Manager and Owner of Bloomfield Hotel, Treasurer of Outlook Drive Residences, Inc. and the President of R&E Premier Land Corporation.

She is a graduate of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines. She attended various seminars including corporate governance and Anti-Money Laundering.




Filipino, 55 years old

Ms. Daisy B. Araneta earned her Degree on Business Administration from Maryknoll College. She was elected as a Director of the Bank since 2008. She was also previously appointed as member of the Credit Committee in the past. She is currently a stockholder of BHF Tarlac Group, Inc. and BHF 3B & A, Inc.



Director, Treasurer

Filipino, 54 years old

Ms. Cherie B. Estrada was appointed as the Treasurer of the Bank. She is a graduate of Maryknoll College with a degree in Business Administration. She was elected as a Director of the Bank since 2008. She is also a Director of BHF Corporation and Stockholder of BHF Pawnshop. She is also a stockholder of CB Mall.




Filipino, 57 years old

Mr. Reynaldo B. Bonifacio is a graduated of Business Management from the Ateneo De Manila University. He was elected as a Director from 2008. He is very active in the business world as he is also the long time Executive Vice-President of BHF Corporation and the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BHF Prime Group Corporation while also a Stockholder of BHF Pawnshop.

He attended various seminars including Corporate Governance and Risk Management for Rural Banks.



Independent Director

Filipino, 52 years old

Ms. Rodylin C. Antipuesto was a Certified Public Accountant earning his degree in Accountancy from the University of Sto. Tomas. She is now in the Public Accountancy for more than 20 years. To start her career in accounting, she put-up the Antipuesto Accounting Office in 1996. She is currently serving as member of the Bank’s Audit Committee. She is an Independent Director of the Bank for 5 years now. She attended seminars on Corporate Governance. Her wide expertise includes accounting and taxation.



Independent Director

Filipino, 49 years old

Mr. Laurence C. Tueres is Political Science graduate at San Sebastian College. He started his banking profession in 1990 when hired as an Account Officer of Planters Development Bank. He was hired as Manager by Philippine Business Bank in 1997. After his banking stint, he was hired as Senior Manager by Digitel Telecommunications from 1999 to 2005. On May 2005, Mr. Tueres started the GSL Trademart Corporation and assumed as the President.

Currently, he is elected as Independent Director. He is now an Independent Director of the Bank for at least 5 years now.



Independent Director

Filipino, 46 years old

Mr. Florentino Felix M. Cuison, Jr. is a Business Administration graduate from University of Sto. Tomas. He is the current Chairman of the Audit Committee. He is with the Bank as Independent Director since 2013.

Prior to joining the Bank, he was hired as Draftsman by the City Assessor’s Office- Tax Mapping Division in Dagupan City from 1992 to 1993. He was hired as Credit Investigator by Landbank from October 1993 to January 2005. After his stint with Landbank, he was hired as Operations Manager while also being a Stockholder of The Joshua Tree Bar and Restaurant for two (2) years from 2004 to 2006. He later had a short employment stints in Philippine Postal Savings Bank, Inc. and Security Bank.



Corporate Secretary

Filipino, 48 years old

Atty. Jason Mejia was appointed as the Corporate Secretary of the Bank. He earned his Bachelor of Laws degree from Lyceum of the Philippines. He also holds positions from other companies.

The members of the Board actively participate in the governance of the Bank. Executive Directors are very much involved in the day-to-day operations while independent directors contribute in the check-and-balance, i.e. self assessment functions.




There are two (2) committees helping the Board in discharging its duties and responsibilities in running the Bank. Each committee operates and conducts its business under procedures and guidelines duly approved by the Board and according to the rules set by the BSP. Below are the compositions of the committees.



The Credit Committee’s primary responsibility is to oversee the review, extension and management of credit/loans being undertaken by the Bank. The Credit Committee recommends policies, procedures, and guidelines to the Board of Directors which will reduce credit risk, enhance credit facilities, quality loans, competitiveness and profitability for the Bank.

The Credit Committee oversees the implementation of credit policies, procedures and guidelines and recommends enhancements from time to time. The Credit Committee approves loan within its approving authority limit and recommends approval of loans that requires Board level approvals.

Chairman:        Armando B. Bonifacio

Members:         Cherie B. Estrada; Remigio B. Bonifacio, Jr.



The Audit Committee of the Bank provides oversight of the institution’s financial reporting, internal controls, as well as internal and external audit functions. The Audit Committee is primarily responsible for overseeing senior management in the establishment and maintaining of an adequate, effective and efficient internal control framework. It ensures that systems and processes are designed to provide assurance in areas including reporting, monitoring compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies, efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and safeguarding of assets.

The Audit Committee is accountable for setting up the bank’s internal audit department.

Chairman:        Florentino Felix M. Cuison, Jr.

Members:         Emelda B. Mendoza; Rodylin C. Antipuesto



Name Board Credit Committee Audit Committee
# of meetings= 48 # of meetings= 42 # of meetings= 4
Attended % Attended % Attended %
Armando B. Bonifacio, M.D. 38 100% 42 100% 0%
Remigio B. Bonifacio, Jr. 38 100% 42 100% 0%
Aurora B. Bonifacio (*) 38 100% 4 100%
Rosemarie B. Bonifacio 38 100% 0%
Daisy B. Araneta 29 76% 0%
Emelda B. Mendoza (**) 38 100% 0 0% 0 0%
Cherie B. Estrada (***) 38 100% 3 100% 0%
Reynaldo B. Bonifacio 35 92% 0% 0%
Rodylin C. Antipuesto 38 100% 0% 4 100%
Laurence C. Tueres 37 97% 0% 0%
Florentino Felix M. Cuison, Jr. 38 100% 0% 4 100%


*Aurora B. Bonifacio was replaced by Emelda B. Mendoza as member of the Audit Committee. Emelda B. Mendoza is yet to attend a meeting of Audit Committee for calendar year 2018

** Emelda B. Mendoza was replaced by Cherie Estrada as a member of the Credit Committee.

*** Cherie B. Estrada has attended 3 out of 3 meeting since her assumption as Credit Committee member.




The Bank assesses the performance of all Directors and Senior Officers as well as the Board Committees on a yearly basis. The Bank through the BOD yearly evaluates each director’s qualifications, personal attributes, functions and credit dealings with the Bank, meetings and trainings.

The BOD ensures that each Director meets all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications as a Director of a Bank and that each Director assigned to a Committee has the necessary qualifications. The BOD requires that all directors meet all qualifications set by the BSP.

The BOD requires each Director to be active in the performance of his or her duties and must demonstrate unbiased opinions and decisions concerning the Bank.

The Bank believes that regular assessment of the Board and its members provides a chance to reflect on and assess its areas of strength and weaknesses, helps the Board itself in clarifying and defining the overall standard of performance it requires from the Board and encourages all Directors to reflect on what the Board has accomplished so far.

To further equip all directors in performing their decision-making functions, all Directors are required to undergo necessary training to keep them updated of the ever-changing practices, policies and guidelines of safe and sound banking.

All Directors do not receive any salary, except for the President and the Special Assistant to the President. Each director is given per diem for each meeting attended. Compensation for the President and the SAP and any other increase or changes shall be upon the pre-approval of the Board.



 BHF Bank recognizes that reputation is its most valuable asset, hence, observes a high standard of integrity in dealing with the public. The board of directors leads in establishing the tone of good governance from the top. The Board ensures that all Related Party Transactions (RPT) are conducted on an arm’s length and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

The Board evaluates proposed relate party transactions by considering the nature of the transaction and the right pricing mechanism applicable for the specific nature of transaction. It is important to avoid conflict of interest, as such, Directors who have direct or indirect interest on the related party transaction shall be excluded in the approval process.

Material Related Party transactions for the year include loans extended to Officers of the Bank especially for their respective Car Benefit Plan.

Name of Officer Amount Remarks
Leticia G. Bauzon – BM (Dagupan) 250,000.00 Car benefit
Crisostomo V. Prado – RMU Head 250,000.00 Car benefit
Jose M. Maer – AMO 250,000.00 Car benefit
Maribel P. Barlaan – BM (Lingayen) 244,773.99 Car benefit
Maribel P. Barlaan 275,000.00 Other Loans
Arlon O. Villanueva – BM (Mangatarem) 250,000.00 Car benefit



The self-assessment functions of the Bank are the Internal Audit and the Compliance Office. While the Internal Audit directly reports to the Audit Committee, the Compliance Office reports to the Board.



Head: Ma. Louela L. Paragas

The Internal Audit encourages and fosters compliance and discipline to all personnel of the Bank by conducting process, financial statement and transactions audit.

The Internal audit is committed to add value to the bank by contributing to the improvement of operational efficiency, risk management and internal control through independent and objective assurance and consulting activities. It uses a systematic and disciplined approached to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance process through the implementation of risk-based audit. The Internal Audit reports to the Audit Committee.



Head:  Fritzi Kay B. Simbulan

The Compliance Office is tasked to manage compliance processes. It is headed by the Chief Compliance Officer. The Compliance Office has the ability and authority to express and disclose compliance findings to the Board to whom it reports. It shall also have the authority to investigate any breaches or possible breaches to the compliance policy of the Bank.

The Compliance Office has ready access to information necessary to carry-out compliance responsibilities.

The Board regularly reviews the reports by the Compliance Office and the Internal Audit functions to review the effectiveness of the internal control process.



Bank declares dividends in accordance and subject to existing laws and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas rules and regulations. With the Bank’s initiative to apply for an increase in its Authorized Share Capital, it declared all its 42,288 available common stock, P1,000.00 par value, as stock dividend resulting to the full subscription and payment of its authorized capital stock. There are no cash dividends declared nor paid during the year.



BHF Rural Bank, Inc. recognizes the importance of customer protection in its financial dealings with clients. It fully supports the policy of the State and that of the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas (BSP) to protect the interest of the consumers (customers), promote their welfare and to establish standards of conduct for the banking industry.  Further, the Bank believes to the principle that the consumer is the life-blood of the Bank and for that reason, only the best services should be accorded to them.

For over two (2) decades since it was given authority to conduct banking services by the BSP, the Bank has shown so much concern and fairness to its clients whether small or big.  It treats clients with utmost courtesy and committed to maintain their respect, trust and confidence.

The Board of Directors has the ultimate responsibility for the level of customer risk assumed by the Bank. Accordingly, the Board approves the Bank’s overall business strategies and significant policies, including those related to managing and taking customer risks. The Board provides clear guidance, develops and maintains sound customer protection risk management.

The Senior Management is tasked to implement programs to manage the customer compliance risks associated with the Bank’s business model. The Senior Management establishes and communicates strong awareness of, and need for, effective consumer protection risk controls and high ethical standards.

The Bank measures and analyses customer risk based on the frequency and severity of the risk. As adherence to consumer protection, the Bank sees to it that rights of clients are protected. The clients must have the right to information, right to choose, right to redress, right to education.


Right to information. The Bank provides clear and honest advertisement and promotion of its products and services. Product features, terms and conditions, benefits and even disadvantages are explained to clients so they can decide based on informed personal choice and guide them in their dealings with the Bank.


Right to choose. The Bank allows its clients to choose the type of deposits, loans and other services at competitive rates with an assurance of providing superb services.


Right to redress.  BHF Rural Bank, Inc. acknowledges few instances of poor services extended to customers, such as; errors or mistakes committed by its personnel.  In this regard, the Bank rectifies them and extends sincere apologies to the clients and refunds, pays or reimburses excess collection of loans, under payment of interest on deposits, among others.


Right to education.  BHF Rural Bank, Inc. adequately educates its customers pertaining to features, terms, systems and procedures, and inherent risks of bank products and services, and his responsibilities as well.


The Bank has established its own policies to strengthen consumer protection especially on the disclosure and transparency, conflict of interest, protection of client information, fair treatment of customers, effective recourse, and consumer awareness.

Each BHF Bank Branches has its own Customer Assistance Officer (CAO). All clients are free to approach the CAO of the Branches for assistance, concerns, complaints and queries regarding the products, services and their other transactions with the Bank. Suggestion boxes are available in the Branches.

Contact numbers of the Branches are posted in the Branch and in the website which can be called by clients during banking hours, that is 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The Board of Directors has appointed the Audit Committee to supervise the consumer protection risk management system and the senior management to report on any consumer complaints. The Compliance Officer and the Internal Auditor is likewise mandated to report on the assessment of the status of customer complaints and the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing policies, procedures and controls related to consumer protection.



The bank is continuously improves its systems and IT infrastructures. Major Core Banking enhancements includes rectification of the dormancy charges on accounts below maintaining balance, inter-branch validation for the acceptance of payments, Post-Dated Check (PDC) monitoring and reporting facility. MIS initiatives also includes enhancement of reports on Home Guarantee Corporation (HGC) insurance, credit scoring, aging of accounts, and security systems for branches and CIC compliance.







BHF Rural Bank, Inc. offers loans and deposits that suit the needs of the locale it caters.



Agrarian Reform Loans – This refers to loans which meet the qualification requirements for agrarian reform loans under Subsection X341.4 and X341.5 of the Manual of Regulations for Banks (MORB). This loan product aims to help farmers improve their livelihood by providing them capital to finance their crop production and other food commodities.


Other Agricultural Credit Loans – This refers to loans granted to the Agricultural Sector Other than “1” above. This loan mainly includes:

  1. Tunnel Vent Program (TVP) – which caters poultry contract growers who are granted approvals from reputable integrators for the construction of tunnel ventilated poultry houses and acquisition of poultry machineries and equipment for this business venture.
  1. Farmers, Fishermen, Poultry and Hog raisers, Cattle and Goat breeders who are in need of funds for fish, rice, corn and vegetables production in the province of Pangasinan and nearby provinces.
  1. Others

Small & Medium Enterprises Loan – Loans granted to entities involved in business activities within major sectors of the economy of which the loan proceeds is to be used in the improvement and furtherance of its business activities. SME are those entities whose total assets, inclusive of those arising from loans but exclusive of the land on which the particular business entity’s office, plant and equipment are situated must have a value falling under the following categories:

  1. Small – More than P3 Million to P15 Million
  2. Medium – More than P15 Million to P100 Million

Housing Loan – this loan product primarily caters clients who are in need of funds for acquisition and/or construction of houses.

Auto/Chattel Loan – This loan helps individuals in the acquisition of motor vehicles/cars as well as individuals who wish to buy farm machineries for improved farm mechanization which is very popular in the country nowadays.

Salary Loans (Unsecured) – This salary-loan product is extended to DepEd-salaried employees.

Other loans – loans that cannot be classified under the forgoing classifications or which the purpose is for general consumption.

Out-of-territorial loans outside Pangasinan and La Union or main area of operations are granted on a case-to-case basis. Loans of higher amount are likewise catered to clients outside Pangasinan and La Union.




Regular Savings Account – is an interest bearing savings deposit withdrawable upon accomplishment of withdrawal slip and presentation of passbook.

Time Deposit – is an interest bearing deposit with specific maturity date evidenced by a certificate issued by the Bank in the name of the depositor.










2F BHF Bank Bldg., Mac Arthur Hi-way,

Dagupan City, Pangasinan

(075) 522-9079



1F BHF Bank Bldg., Mac Arthur Hi-way,

Dagupan City, Pangasinan

(075) 529-1833

(075) 529-3307



BHF Bank Bldg., Avenida Rizal East,

Lingayen Pangasinan

(075) 662-0446 / (075) 529-2687



BHF Bank Bldg., Mc Arthur Hi-Way corner Manuel Roxas St.,

Urdaneta City, Pangasinan

(075) 568-2292



BHF Bldg., Mabini St., Brgy. Poblacion,

Tayug, Pangasinan




Calvo St.,  Poblacion,

Mangatarem, Pangasinan

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BHF Bldg., Barangay Subusub,

Rosario, La Union